Spring Break Staycation Part 3 - Nature Center

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

It was a beautiful day with warm weather and sunshine so we planned a day to the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, GA. We have a Family Plus membership which gets 2 adults and up to 4 kids in year round for free. You also get 4 guest passes and free access into their Festivals. If you go check it out, I encourage you to become a member – it’s really the BEST deal! But on to the fun stuff about why you should check it out…

The CNC has many hiking trails and wildlife walks with various distances, all family friendly. The discovery center has interactive exhibits, live animal habitats with turtles, the tiniest cutest owls you’ve ever seen, snakes, and even an opossum! The best part of the indoors, if you ask the kids, is the Nature Exchange. You can participate in many nature center activities, like scavenger hunts, to earn points. You can cash in your points, or trade nature items from home, at the nature exchange. The kids each earned a little more than 100 points, and cashed them all in for nature goodies!

Head outdoors and you’ll find many birds, a butterfly garden, a beaver habitat, a beautiful pond, hiking trails, and a newly featured screaming eagle adventure course and zip line.

We did something different this trip, and went on a guided nature hike with Mr. Phil. It was a .3-.5 mile hike around Kingfisher Pond with stops along the way to learn about plants, animals, and our local river system.

Here’s a few fun facts from our guided hike:

  1. Beavers get their orange teeth from the iron in the wood they chew.

  2. Owls have feathered feet and feathered feathers so they cannot be heard when flying.

  3. Rubber in rubberbands is NOT artificial; apparently it’s made from plants.

  4. Never pick a box turtle up only by his shell, curve your fingers under his belly so that his shell doesn’t break.

  5. Cranes are considered the world's tallest flying birds, measuring at about a 6ft wingspan but weighing only 5-7lbs.

This is a great place to plan a day out with kids who like exploring. They have fun summer camps, spring break camps, and night hikes/date nights for adults.

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