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Mama Needs Energy

It's summertime in GA! School is out, temperatures are rising, & summer activities are well under way.

As a mama, I love summer because it means more time with my kiddos. But, more time with my kiddos means that this mama needs an energy boost to keep up! It’s so easy to turn to things like coffee & energy drinks because we can just grab and go! And while I do love my morning cup of coffee, I’ve been in a place where I literally drank nothing but coffee. All. Day. Long. Trust me mamas, it isn’t good for your body. The caffeine in one cup of coffee, especially if it’s a Grande Latte from Starbucks, is more than enough for the day. Here are a few healthy alternatives that are just as easy with a little effort and dedication on your part. 

Begin your day with a glass of lemon water. So easy, right? Fresh sliced lemon or Young Living’s Lemon Vitality Essential oil can be added to an 8 oz glass of room temperature water. Not only does this help wake you up, but it also gets your metabolism moving!* And, if you’re like me, by starting the day with water, you’re more likely to continue drinking water throughout the day. 

 * For best results, drink your water before your coffee. ;) 

A quick workout can be a great energy booster.

Even if all you have is ten minutes, get moving! Youtube has a billion different videos you can use & follow along with! Also, certain TV subscriptions come with exercise video options, including Amazon Prime. If it’s nice outside, gather the family & go for a walk... which leads to number three. 


Sunshine is so important to our health! Vitamin D not only keep our bones strong, but is also known now to help balance moods and prevent fatigue (among lots of other health benefits). A lack of vitamin D can interact with your body’s ability to produce melatonin, which is a mood regulator for our bodies. Because Vitamin D isn’t necessarily in a ton of foods, sunshine is the most natural way to soak it in! Doctors recommend at least 30 minutes in the sun a day. Remember to use sunscreen, though, especially in summer months. 

B complex vitamin.

B Complex vitamins have a TON of health benefits, so not only are you boosting your mood and energy levels, but you’ll also be supporting your cardiovascular health, your nervous system, your digestives system, and I bet you’ll even that your hair & nails reap the benefits, too! Our favorite B Complex vitamin is Super B from Young Living. It contains B6, B7, B9, B12, & other B vitamins. It’s also made with added nutrients like magnesium, manganese, and zinc. So many great things in one tiny little supplement!  

Last but definitely not least, our tried and true Peppermint essential oil.

During the hot months, I keep a roller of diluted Peppermint EO in my bag so when we get overheated, we can roll it on the back of our necks to cool us off while we rest with a glass of ice water. It has such a cooling sensation & is like a breath of fresh air! But if you’re looking for an afternoon pick me up, look no further! Pop a couple drops of Peppermint into your diffuser with a drop of Orange or Lemon, and you’ll be wide awake in no time. This is a great diffuser recipe for those long days at the office. Bonus tip: It’s also great for focus with the kiddos during homework time.  

What tips do you have for increasing or just maintaining overall energy?

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